Craftsmanship Explained

Most wallets look similar, sometimes almost identical, but when you start browsing stores you will see the prices range from 10 dollars to astronomical figures. During the last few decades Men's wallets in particular didn't really change much in style, and there is only so much you can add to a pocket wallet as features, So what makes a wallet better than the other? What is a realistic price for a great product?
In this article, we will present you with valuable factual information about what makes a quality wallet, how it is achieved and how to identify these products online or in a store.
There are three main aspects that effect the quality and cost of a wallet
  • Leather type and quality
  • Workmanship detail and quality
  • Other materials used, such as lining, zippers, snaps etc. 

No sane manufacturer mixes these three aspects at different qualities. For instance, it is absolutely silly to take great leather and combine it with bad craftsmanship and lining.

It is not easy even for professionals to identify leather quality merely by looking at online pictures.. Especially on low resolution images which are sometimes deliberately used to hide defects from the viewer. But geometry, stitch quality, and how leather is trimmed and worked.. that is easy to see, and often goes hand in hand with grade of leather. 

Explaining how to identify leather is a 10 page article alone, for now we want to keep this short and simple, we will prepare a guide for that soon, for now we will only mention few basics, 


A very slight texture variation should be visible

Quality leather products should have slight variation in texture in different parts of the same product or between one product to another by same brand. Even the grain-corrected leather will not be 100% same across the product or between products. Too different texture suggests leftover leather pieces being used, identical surface in every product suggests imitation leather. Try to observe this on non printed plain finishes. Above picture shows 3 areas from our sample product. Notice how the variation is unique in every area and does not follow a certain pattern.  

The secrets of the stitches

Believe it or not, stitches tell a lot even about the type and quality of the leather. This is where you can have a sneak peek inside where the surface coating is penetrated. Stitches also tell us how much effort the craftsmen place on creating a perfect product. 


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